Tim Doets
030 26550265
Rijnzathe 9, 3454 PV De Meern

LINKIT is a full-service IT provider with 20 years’ experience in creating, building and managing innovative IT solutions for top-500 organizations and governments.


From GDPR specialist until security analyst we offer our government customers yearly more than 100 IT security specialists as part of covering agreements.


Beside our own staff we have a broad network of freelancers and niche suppliers working with us, that enables us to providing excellent security knowledge. We work for top 100 companies in the Netherlands and for most governmental organizations.  


Our existing customers expect a party such as LINKIT to take organizational and technical measures in the context of information security. In addition to this ‘license to operate’, LINKIT also has an intrinsic motivation for taking appropriate measures in the area of information security, simply because the world around us is changing and cybercrime is rife. This is why LINKIT opted to implement ISO 27001 as part of its move towards further professionalization.