FERM and Province of South-Holland Organise In-Depth Session for BRZO Companies

12 Jan 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

FERM and the Province of South-Holland organised an in-depth session for BRZO companies which work with potentially dangerous chemicals on 10 January. The aim was to help these organisations protect themselves against cyber risks and teach them how to arm themselves against OT security threats. This session was part of a collaboration between FERM and the province of South-Holland, focused on joint outreach to entrepreneurs in need of support.


During the session, Bas van der Velde (Shell) underlined the differences between IT and OT and shared his insights into the best practices surrounding OT. Many practical questions arose during the session which were answered by managers and specialists in the field.


Following this a panel discussion took place between Marcel Jutte (Kiwa), Sylvia Blok (Ducor) and Marijn van Schoote (Port of Rotterdam) about the threat landscape, regulations and the future of OT Security.


Meindert Stolk, representative for the Province South-Holland concluded the day saying:

“Cybersecurity is necessary and important. The risks are greater than you think. For a company that falls under the BRZO, a targeted hack of process automation can have consequences for environmental safety. For example, hacker can take over the control of installations, causing situations that you absolutely want to prevent. As a province we believe cyber resilience centers such as FERM are important and we therefore wholeheartedly support them.”


Source: FERM

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