The Path to Becoming the Most Trusted Cybersecurity Solutions Partner

10 May 2023
Author: HSD Campus
Raymon D'Mattos and Viraj Balgobind, Founders Enwere

What does it take to be recognised as the most trusted cybersecurity solutions partner in the world? It takes setting ambitious goals and building a team of passionate cybersecurity professionals. That’s the ambition of Enwere, founded by Raymon D'Mattos and Viraj Balgobind who have more than 15 years of experience in IT security and mobile communications.


Raymon and Viraj attended the same university before working at the same large company, where they ran into each other at a networking event. Raymon told Viraj that they needed to talk, because he had an idea he could not let go of. When he shared his idea with Viraj, Viraj said he had the exact same idea and they decided to pursue it together. The first iteration of the company involved a mobile solution with a secure layer, before evolving with the market and becoming a managed service provider (MSP). MSPs work as third-parties that manage end-user systems and IT infrastructure, including security and monitoring. Within a year, Enwere became a Premier Partner of Cisco with specialisation in advanced security architecture.


In addition to Enwere’s lofty goals, they have set a strict mission with a vision of a 24/7, 365 digitally secure society. Their mission is to “secure your business, productivity and peace of mind through state-of-the-art, manageable and affordable integrated cybersecurity solutions. Any time, anywhere, and on any device.” Enwere is working to bring companies peace of mind through cybersecurity. Their sole focus on cybersecurity allows Raymon and Viraj the ability to focus on their passion, and build a team whose passion aligns with theirs and the company’s. Their current team consists of seven people and they are looking to expand to fifteen by the end of 2023, with a focus on talented professionals in network security, developers, and full-stack developers. 


Raymon and Viraj were aware of Security Delta (HSD) before knowing that there was a campus located here in The Hague. Once they got in contact with HSD, they could “feel the energy [and] synergy between the companies,” as Raymon noted. Enwere met a collaboration partner at an HSD networking event even before signing a contract to open up their offices at the campus. They have been impressed by the diversity of companies within the cybersecurity domain at HSD, from SaaS companies to companies working on dark web monitoring. The great facilities and easily accessible location made the move to HSD an easy choice for Enwere. Raymon added that “we still have to make a name for ourselves in the market. We're still a startup.” Having joined HSD will only make that journey easier and hopefully one day will lead to them reaching their full potential as the most trusted cybersecurity solutions partner in the world.

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