PIB Germany: Factfinding to Business Metropole Ruhr

14 September 2023
Bochum, Germany
Organised by:
InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD), RVO, Consulate General in München and Business Metropole Ruhr

As part of the Partners for International Business Programme Cybersecurity Germany, we are organising a factfinding mission to Business Metropole Ruhr in Essen for the participants of this programme.


During this event the following topics are adressed:

  • Introduction to Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH and the Ruhr Metropolitan Region
  • The success story of G DATA 
  • Introduction into the regional IT security landscape Ruhr Metropolitan Region
  • Personal experience in founding and growing an IT business in Germany
  • Funding and cooperation opportunities
  • Introduction to the Dutch IT security ecosystem
  • Presentation of Dutch “Partners in Business Programme” and the participating companies
  • Visit GData Cyber Security exhibition

The day will conclude with an informal dinner with the attendees of the G DATA & IONIS Tech Day 2023, which will allow the participants of the factfinding mission to meet the local German cybersecurity network.

HSD Partners involved