The Netherlands and the world are becoming more and more digitised. Our digital economy can only be successful if it is secure. While digitisation itself creates new security issues and challenges. Our goal is to combat and prevent cybercrime and If things do go wrong, we want organisations to be able to act quickly and bounce back. Therefore, we firstly stimulate the development of innovative cybersecurity products and services. Where we also consider ethical, legal and privacy issues. Secondly, we want to raise cybersecurity awareness across different sectors. In 2022, we will mainly focus on healthcare, horticulture, the manufacturing industry, and the maritime sector.

Within the theme of cybersecurity, we therefore work on the topics of cyber awareness, cyber resilience, cyber security and combating cybercrime. One of the sub-themes is OT/IoT security.

Operational technology (OT) is used in the industrial sector and critical infrastructures (e.g., bridges and machines in factories). As organisations digitise, older OT systems are connected to new IT products (so that they can be controlled remotely, for example), which can lead to cybersecurity issues. With the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more products are being connected, making it easier for cybercriminals to access a network.

Main Objectives HSD programme

We follow the objectives of the Dutch digitisation strategy. The Netherlands:

  • has its digital clout in order; 
  • contributes to international peace and security in the digital domain; 
  • leads the way in promoting digitally secure hardware and software;
  • has resilient digital processes and a robust infrastructures; 
  • successfully creates barriers against cybercrime through cybersecurity; 
  • is a leader in the field of cybersecurity knowledge development; 
  • has integrated a public-private approach to cybersecurity.  
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