World Bank and Partners Announce New Global Fund for Cybersecurity

19 Aug 2021
Author: World Bank

On 16 August 2021, The World Bank announced the launch of a new Cybersecurity Multi-Donor Trust Fund under the broader Digital Development Partnership (DDP) umbrella program. This Fund aims to better define, understand, articulate, structure, and roll-out the cybersecurity development agenda in a systematic manner. The emerging work program will offer comprehensive cybersecurity capacity development, including development of global knowledge, country assessments, technical assistance, capacity building and training, underpinned with necessary investments in infrastructure and technology. The launch of the Trust Fund has been made possible with donor contributions from Estonia, Germany, Japan, and The Netherlands. 


“COVID-19 has highlighted the vital role digital technologies and applications play in a resilient development agenda. It keeps people, businesses, and public services connected. As governments are rapidly scaling up their investments into digital technologies, cybersecurity has become a pressing concern to ensure a safe and secure digital transformation for all,” said Boutheina Guermazi, Director of the World Bank’s Digital Development Global Practice. “Fostering safe digital inclusion is of paramount importance for the World Bank’s work in helping countries reduce poverty, tackle inequality, and accelerate economic growth.”


Michael Thijssen of the Task Force Cyber Policies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands: “Cybersecurity must become an integral part of the digital agenda. Synergies are crucial, and the activities to be carried out should be taken up broadly through development financing programs. Partnerships such as the Global Forum for Cyber Expertise (GFCE), NGOs, and research institutes can help ensure a broad stakeholder process. We are looking forward to great results to be supported through the new trust fund over the years to come.”


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