TV Broadcast: Is the Netherlands Hack Proof?

05 Mar 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

On 3 March, the tv programme 'Kennis van Nu' paid attention to the vulnerability of our digital society. Question was how to make the critical infrastructures in the Netherlands less vulnerable.


Interviews were conducted with water company Dunea, Ronald Prins of Fox-IT (HSD Partner) and security expert Arjen Kamphuis. Also ethical hackers, amongst Barry van Kampen, were interviewed to explain the importance of responsible disclosure.


In order to improve the resilience of the Netherlands, an integral Dutch cyber vision including a large investment programme of billions is needed, according to TNO chairman Paul de Krom in the FD of 5 March. De Krom: "In addition €140 million per year needs to be allocated for education and research, connecting businesses and to stimulate the development of innovative products and services."



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