ThreadStone Cyber Security and ABN AMRO Launch Pilot for Entrepeneurs

18 Aug 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

ABN AMRO and ThreadStone are launching a pilot this week: on ABN AMRO's 'Doorpakken'-platform two new cybersecurity services will be offered. This digital platform lets entrepeneurs acquaint themselves with solutions to challenges they face in their entrepeneurship. Offering more than just banking products contributes to a safer, more sustainable and smarter environment for entrepeneurship.


The two services offered are the free Websitecheck and a Hacktest for a reduced fee. The Websitecheck is a easily accessible but meaningful automatic check of a business' website and e-mail, based on publicly accessible internet sources. Entrepeneurs that make use of this check receive a report which they can use to increase their cyber resilience. Recent research done by ABN AMRO shows that the amount of businesses that has fallen victim to cybercrime has increased from 29 to 45 percent in the last year.


Entrepeneurs looking to go the extra mile can opt for a Hacktest. This more advanced test checks digital systems for vulnerabilities, after which the customer will receive a detailed report and a personal explanation by a cyber expert. The results and insights gained from this report can be used to take specific measures to reduce the the organisation's cyber risks.

Through this pilot, both parties want to learn whether the expansion of offered services will inspire entrepeneurs to take fitting measures to ensure they are properly protected from cyber risks. More information on these cybersecurity services can be found on Doorpakken.


Read the full press release in Dutch on ThreadStone's website.

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