The Hague Security Delta’s Achievements in 2014

20 Feb 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

In 2014, HSD was put on the map as the Dutch national security cluster. One of the highlights were the opening of the HSD Campus, the national innovation centre for security in The Hague, the Innovation Room during the Nuclear Security Summit and the launch of the National Innovation Agenda for Security. The implementation of the HSD-alignment strategy works. Where HSD started with 10 founding partners in 2013, there are now around 150 partners directly related to HSD, of which 96 contractual partners. In addition to the partners, HSD has developed an extensive network composed of professionals and decision makers in governments, businesses, and knowlegde institutions working on national security, protection of critical infrastructure, cyber security, urban security, and forensics. HSD is increasingly developing itself into a vibrant ecosystem with strong infrastructure with excellent facilities.

In order to provide some better insights into HSD’s achievements, we have developed a visual overview for the year 2014. Click here to see the overview. We would like to thank all our partners for making this possible!

To find out more about HSD’s strategy for the future take a look at the “Strategy and Urgency Programme The Hague Security Delta 2015-2020” (in Dutch).