Succesful Opening HSD Campus International Centre

25 Oct 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

On October 26th HSD Deputy Mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven opened the HSD Campus International Centre, together with HSD executive director Richard Franken. The HSD Campus International Centre is located on the 13th floor of the World Trade Center (WTC) The Hague and is already almost completely booked with businesses from the security domain. Deputy Mayor Van Engelshoven symbolically opened the centre by handing over the 'HSD Campus International Centre' signage. Van Engelshoven: "The strength of The Hague Security Delta is the cooperation between businesses, governments and knowledge institutions in the field of digital security. Within the WTC the international cooperations can only grow even more." Franken acknowledges this strength: "The way our security cluster works, within the triple helix, has proven to be very successful. Together with our partners we provide more possibilities in the security domain. This is why more and more international organisations want to establish in The Hague. In collaboration with the City of The Hague, InnovationQuarter and the World Trade Centre, we have made it one of our ambitions to make this International Centre a big success".


General Manager of WTC Eveline Steenbergen: "Originally WTC is a trade house where international companies and organisations come together. We have interesting organisations located here at the WTC:  InnovationQuarter (IQ), the West-Holland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) and The Netherlands Centre for Trade Promotion (NCH). Together, these organisations form the International Trade & Investment Desk. This makes the International Centre an ideal base for international companies in the 'security' domain that want to enter the Dutch or European market." Director Rinke Zonneveld of Innovation Quarter underlined the succes of HSD: "In the past three years HSD has proven itself as a succesful organisation. It is important to bring people together and together we will be able to synergise business sectors."


HSD Campus International Centre

The International Centre in an expansion of HSD Campus, which offers high quality facilities including living labs, meeting and training facilities, flexible offices and an SME Support Desk. Franken: "The Hague Security Delta is very pleased with the expansion of HSD Campus with the International Centre. The International Centre encourages international collaborations and with the HSD Innovation Centre just around the corner the International Centre is the place to be for foreign security organisations that want to establish in The Netherlands." This location combines direct access to both the security domain and parties that can assist entrepeneurs and organisations with their international strategy.


Sharing Ambitions & Innovations

After the official opening entrepeneurs and organisations already located in the HSD Campus International Centre shared their ambitions and innovations. Signpost Six's CEO Elsine van Os was one of those speakers: "Signpost Six provides a different perspective to the current overview of companies to HSD: the human factor. However, we inherently believe it’s an interplay between technology, physical measures and the human factor that brings about security solutions. Therefore, Signpost Six sees strong mutual benefits in co-locating with other security organisations. Proximity, both physically and in a virtual network, brings about fruitful partnerships and working relationships." The other speakers were: Women in Cyber Security (WiCS), Tymlez and Focafet.


Want to see a TV clip about the opening? Browse here.


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