Special Offer for HSD Community to Attend TUS Expo Europe 2019

21 Nov 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

From 17 to 18 January 2019 Ahoy Rotterdam will be home to The Unmanned Systems Expo Europe 2019 (TUS Expo Europe 2019). It is the place where international Unmanned System organisations come together to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the field of Unmanned Systems, Drones and Robotics. Visitors can also attend the conference as well as multiple side events and summits on regulations and legislation, security and military context. As in previous years HSD is amongst the endorsing partners, which gives the HSD community a 10% discount on the conference (visiting the exhibition is free of costs). 


Security Summit during TUS Expo Europe 2019 

Protection of Critical Infrastructure from Drones

As UAV’s become more prevalent in our airspace, it becomes all the more vital to ensure the safety of the critical infrastructure of the Port of Rotterdam. From the mathematical certainty of accidents or negligence happening, through the inevitable use by criminals up to the odd chance of malignant actors we have to be ready.


TUS Expo explores the question of how to protect critical infrastructure from drones in close cooperation with the National and Harbour Police and TNO Defense Research in this dedicated case study. What are the risks and dangers that we can expect now and in the near future. How can we detect and identify UAV’s that pose a danger. In what ways can we neutralize ever more capable drones that pose an imminent threat. All of this in a port area filled with sensitive industry and close to the largest city of the Netherlands.


Interested parties from the relevant industries, stakeholders in critical infrastructure and security and defence partners can apply to participate in this summit, where you can learn what will happen and what you can do against it.


Invitation Only Activities

The Defence focus of the TUS Expo is concentrated in two invitation only activities. The first (17th of January) is a summit in which we discuss the dangers posed by UAV’s on critical infrastructure. The second (18th of January) is more specialized workshop organized with the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) in which the participants will actively try to discern what the strategic implications of the introduction of RAS will be on the RNLA.


Together, the summit and the workshop cover the full spectrum of violence and the full range of Remotely Operated and Autonomous Systems and will include participants from police forces, air, ground and sea and a wide range of relevant governmental and semi-governmental institutions from both the Netherlands and European NATO partners. 



At the TUS Expo, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) intend to explore the strategic opportunities and consequences for the Netherlands in light of these developments. Calling on the unmanned and robotic systems community for their insights, we intend to identify the challenges and preconditions for this development, and assess the advantages that will arise for the RNLA as a result of this technological evolution. 



Exclusive promotion for HSD community

Visiting the exhibition at TUS Expo Europe is free after registration via the website. If you also want access to the exclusive conference, you can purchase a Conference pass from 250 euro. The HSD community is given the opportunity to purchase conference tickets with a 10% discount until 15 December. To get your discount use this code: HSD19.


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