Signing Letter of Intent for Setting-up I-Lab The Hague

02 Dec 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

On 1 December, the National Police (Unit The Hague) and the Municipality of the Hague signed a letter of intent for creating a joint innovation center: 'I-Lab' in the Hague. 


The intention is that during the year 2021, various organisations will collaborate within the I-lab on innovations in the field of digitally enhanced security, with specific attention for Crowd Control and Monitoring & Security. The I-Lab is one of the projects part of the Impact Coalition Safety and Security (ICSS). Within this coalition, various municipalities work together with the national police on tackling urban security issues, supported by HSD, DITSS and VNG. The design of the innovation centre in The Hague is intended as an important building block as a place to work together on these topics. 


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