Opportunities to Soft-land in the United Kingdom

24 Apr 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

Are you looking to expand internationally and are you interested in the United Kingdom?


Since 2018, The Hague Security Delta has an agreement with multiple international cybersecurity clusters to support HSD partners to enter new international markets: The Global EPIC Soft-Landing Program. Every month we put one of them in the spotlight. This month we highlight the United Kingdom. There are two possibilities to soft-land in this region: Cyber Wales and CSIT in Northern Ireland. As an HSD partner you can take part in the Global EPIC Soft-Landing Program free of charge. 


Ultimately, the Global EPIC Soft-Landing Program provides a low risk entry trial to companies and entrepreneurs entering a new international market, accessing the resources they need to more readily tap into commercial opportunities by connecting with new partners, recruiting talented employees, joining incubator facilities, closing new deals, and possibly setting up a permanent presence in the market.



The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT)


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the other Global EPIC keystones are offered a unique opportunity to ‘soft land’ for a trial period in Northern Ireland. The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen’s University Belfast, is the UK’s Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) for cyber security, and the UK’s largest cyber security focused university technology research, development and innovation centre. The theme of CSIT’s research roadmap is securing our digital tomorrow. CSIT will continue to lead on the new enabling technologies needed for the seamless integration of electronic security into future Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT), including: 


•           quantum-safe cryptographic architectures;

•           malware detection methods that can counteract advanced evasion technologies;

•           securing highly distributed networks for critical infrastructures; and

•           AI-enabled security analytics to provide to real-time threat indicators


CSIT brings a unique approach to academic engagement and delivering impact with industry in the UK and further afield. An Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of companies and strategic government partners plays a key role in defining the research challenges undertaken by CSIT, whilst a cadre of industrially experienced engineers help accelerate innovation to market. This creates collaborative opportunities for researchers to work with start-ups, scale-ups and large corporations and on solving societal challenges. CSIT is involved in delivering four national cyber security innovation programmes namely; The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA), CSIT Labs, HutZero and Cyber101.


The Soft-Landing Programme at CSIT offers (at no cost to you):

  • A meeting space at CSIT.
  • A tailor made support package for each individual soft landing project.
  • Tailored support packages include cash grants for capital investments and employment, interest relief plus support for a variety of business operations such as R&D, training and marketing.
  • Invitation to NI Cyber cluster meetings.
  • Support in accessing financial resources, engaging strategic partners, and refining business models for market opportunities in the UK.
  • Greater exposure to UK and global partners and opportunities to pursue clients.
  • Advice on market circumstances, academic engagements, immigration considerations and other practical issues.



Cyber Wales


The opportunities of soft-landing at Cyber Wales in the United Kingdom include:


  • A Soft-Landing Buddy
    The Cyber Wales Soft-Landing Programme is based on organisations within the Cyber Wales Ecosystem volunteering to support a company/entrepreneur wishing to explore the UK and/or European market from a base in Wales.  Applications for a soft-landing in Wales will be reviewed and communicated to the Ecosystem members and will be accepted if one or more members agrees to act as a Buddy and work with the applicant.


  • Help and advice
    Each Applicant will receive mentorship and guidance from their Buddy and from other Cyber Wales Cluster members on the market, immigration considerations and other practical issues.  With Cluster members from over 500 Businesses, 8 Universities, 2 Regional Cyber Crime Units & 4 Police Forces, British Armed Forces Cyber Units and the Welsh Government, Applicants will be able to find a wealth of experience and good advice.


  • Matchmaking
    As part of the Soft-Landing Programme, Applicants will be invited to join one or more of the Cyber Wales Clusters - informal networking groups for people who work in, or have an interest in, cyber security.  Through these Clusters, each Applicant will be assured a minimum of 5 appointments with relevant potential business partners, which can include but not limited to: potential customers, resellers, business partners, incubators and academics.


  • A meeting space
    Applicants will be offered physical space in suitable facilities to work, carry put research & planning, conduct appointments, meet other like-minded people and collaborate, for a minimum of 3 weeks.  The details of the working arrangements will differ from one Applicant to another and will be organised by their Buddy to ensure the best possible environment for their specific needs.  This may also include traveling to other locations in Wales if appropriate.





For more information about the possibilities of soft-landing in the United Kingdom and how to join this programme, please visit www.globalepic.org/softLanding



More information about soft-landing at Cyber Wales or CSIT?

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities the Cyber Wales Soft-Landing Programme offers click here!

When you want more information about the possibilities at CSIT how to join this programme click here!


You can also contact HSD Innovation Liaison Bert Feskens for information about both clusters or one of the other Global EPIC clusters.


About the Global EPIC Soft-Landing Program

The participating clusters in the soft-landing program are: bwtech@UMBC (Baltimore, U.S.A.), Carelton GCR (Ottawa, Canada), Centre for Secure Information Technologies - CSIT (Belfast, U.K.), Cyber Wales (Cardiff, U.K), The Hague Security Delta (The Hague, Netherlands), ITRI (Taipei, Taiwan), Kosciuszko Institute (Krakow, Poland), City of Surrey (Surrey, Canada), UNB (Fredericton, Canada). Interested in learning more about the opportunities of soft-landing in one of these ecosystems? Click here

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