Ministry of Defence Procures Open Source Data Diode Demonstrator

02 Apr 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

In November 2018, a roundtable 'Consultative Session' took place in which the development of an Open Source Data Diode (OSDD) demonstrator was discussed. Initiated by the Ministry of Defence, HSD Office organised a consultative session to explore the viability and potential for a flexible, uncomplicated open source data diode potentially to be used by the Ministry of Defence, companies, SME’s and other public and private organisations in the Netherlands.


The Ministry of Defence published its requirements for the OSDD demonstrator and the development thereof in January 2019, challenging organisations to come up with innovative proposals for the realisation of the device. After careful evaluation of the offers, the Ministry of Defence has selected Gouda-based company Technolution to build the demonstrator. Over the course of the next couple of months, the demonstrator will be developed. Simultaneously, several societal usecases for the evaluation of the OSDD will be identified and set up in the fields of non-critical infrastructure, health care, Smart City and Smart Industry. In addition, preparations are made for organising the management and maintenance of the final OSDD.



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