Made to Measure Security, Winner of ‘Veiligheidsatelier 2015’

13 Jan 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

The winner of Veiligheidsatelier 2015, Made to Measure Security, is a consortium consisting of entrepreneurs from ‘’Altijd Thuis’’, NIGW (Nederlands Instituut voor Gezondheidszorg en Welzijn) and VX Company Forensic Analytics.

Made to Measure Security consists of a combination of existing services, initially able to register fire hazards only, to detect vulnerable people in crisis situations (e.g. handicapped people) and provide this information to alarm centres. This way, first responders can be informed about the situation. They were awarded an assignment, valued € 98,000, to set-up a field lab where the effectiveness of the innovation can be tested. The field lab will be set-up in Etten-Leur in 2016.

Find here more information on Veiligheidsatlier 2015 in Dutch.

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