KvK Business Challenge Successful for Narabi Systems

13 Nov 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

Did you know that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and EEN organise 'KvK Business Challenges' to bring corporates and SMEs in contact to develop innovative, new business together? And that HSD partner Narabi Systems was selected for a challenge by BeljonWesterterp B.V.?


Narabi Systems: "We are proud to announce that our very first KVK Business Challenge is already a success story. We were chosen (with two other Dutch companies) by BeljonWesterterp B.V. during their challenge aiming to create a GDPR conform Self Service Portal for their ‘Candidates in the lead’. With our deep and wide experience in system integration, software architecture design and building secure robust software, we are sure to bring great value into this innovative solution. Many thanks to HSD, SME Connect, Jacob van der Vis, Jenk de Jong and all the other KvK employees who help SMEs to do business with corporates." 


KvK Challenge



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