Peter Szekszardi
CSO, Senior Consultant
+31 645808549
Dr. J. Presserstraat 323
2552 LW Den Haag

Narabi Systems is a software development company who considers Cyber Security one of their main focus areas. They have a product to protect organizations from potentially dangerous Office macros not only coming from outside but also developed inside. This tool, called KnowOurMacros, with its scanning, exploring, analyzing capabilities and built-in knowledge base is already used by Vodafone worldwide. Their goal within HSD is to raise awareness of this issue, because still many organizations are highly dependent on Office (mainly Excel) macros.


Narabi Systems has expertise also in the fields of Identity & Access Management, User Interface Development and other areas of custom software development with satisfied Dutch, Belgian, British and international clients. 


As an integral part of Brondool's Brontec 4 platform a state-of-the-art interactive & scalable floor map UI was developed by us for monitoring and managing locks and other physical security related devices. The system had been implemented in police stations in Leiden & Rotterdam and it provides a modern, smart & secure solution in operating cell blocks


Together with their Hungarian sister company they provide competitive prices for the Dutch market and have a track record of delivering secure software since 2009.