KVK Business Challenge Hi-tech: HTC parking & security - Electronic Checkpoint

22 Nov 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Are you a startup, scale-up, self-employed or an SME? The Dutch Ministry of Defence wants to develop an unmanned vehicle access control and needs the help on the final, remaining elements needed for the creation of this system in the field of sensors, data analysis and IT measurement techniques.


To do so, the Chamber of Commerce organises in collaboration with Holland Instrumentation and InnovationQuarter a 'KVK Business Challenge Hi-Tech'. Amongst the challenges (that are open from 1 November - 1 December 2018) is a HTC Parking & Security Electronic Checkpoint.


HTC business challenge in relation to ministry of Defence

This Electronic Checkpoint has been realised physically but remains without an electronic component where specialised SMEs are needed for. An unmannned vehicle access control would allow employees with the Ministry of Defence to stay out of harm's way when vehicles are being controlled. This can be extended to include routine processes that can be automated.


The questions that require answers and innovative solutions include:

  • How can we identify vehicles, individuals and loaded goods?
  • How can we affirm whether or not vehicles and individuals are authentic?
  • How can we inspect vehicles on potential dangers such as explosives?

SMEs who specialise in sensors (both software and hardware), data analysis and IT and measuring techniques are looked for to complete this assignment, set out of by the Dutch Ministry of Defence. You will share your thoughts and ideas and make additions in the form of questions to display yourself as the best partner to cooperate on this challenge. On 1 December the involved corporate organisation will select the SMEs they wish to cooperation innovatively.


To sign up for the online platform and to begin chatting about your ideas and innovative solutions, go here.

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