Kick-off 'Future Jobs and Talent Pool in Safety & Security'

15 Jun 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

There is a growing need for talent in the innovative safety & security domain. Where traditional security functions show decreasing numbers, new security functions arise to counter emerging threaths like cybercrime. Preliminary research findings show that employers find it hard to articulate what they are looking for in this partially unchartered land and what they do ask for is scarcely available. HSD Office takes the initiative to bring organisations together to solve this problem.


On the 19th of June, HSD Office organises a kick-off with selected training & education partners and employer representatives to explore the possible actions to take to attract, educate, (re)train and employ future talent. The idea of a ‘wasstraat’ or assembly line for safety & security talent will be discussed and worked out to support structural and collaborative action in the coming years.
This activity is part of the HSD Human Capital Program, if you are interested to contribute to this activity, please reach out to us by sending an e-mail to