Introduction Guide Safely Digital Enterprising Released

04 Nov 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

Within the framework of Alert Online 2015, The Hague Security Delta (HSD), in cooperation with the Netherlands Industries for Defence and Security(NIDV), has developed the introduction guide: Safely Digital Enterprising. This guide informs SMEs that are active in the defence and security sector about being ''alert online'' and raises awareness for cyber threats.

The Alert Online campaign has been set up by the government with support from private- and knowledge institutions and is aimed at the private sector and governmental organisations. The objective of the campaign is to encourage online safety with a particular focus this year on raising awareness among SMEs in the Netherlands.

The Safely Digital Enterprising guide provides insights in three aspects: which cyber threats exist, how to protect against cyber threats and what to do in case of a cyber incident. Finally, a website with links to Dutch cyber security experts is provided.

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