Introducing New Premium Partner HCL technologies

27 May 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

After collaborating with HSD a couple of years now on several projects, HCL Technologies has become Premium Partner within the HSD Community. HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. At HCL, they provide reliable end to end ownership at all stages of security lifecycle: from Strategy, Consulting, Architecture, POC, Implementation, Transformation & Integration that enables clients to select and implement the most cost effective and right fit solution/technology.


HCL enables successful customer security posture improvement by their Dynamic Cybersecurity framework which helps customers move from a “static” to a “dynamic” posture to deal with an ever-escalating threat landscape. HCL owns multiple enterprise scale solutions and IPs that include SecIntAl (AI enabled Security detection and IR services), SAFE (Security Architecture Framework for Enterprises). Each of these solutions support various delivery models including offshore, near shore, on shore, follow the Sun as well as in shared, dedicated and hybrid resources models by experts who are highly experienced.


Renju Varghese, Fellow & Chief Architect, HCL CyberSecurity & GRC Services: 

“HCL brings vast, global experiences managing complex and challenging enterprise cybersecurity engagements. This partnership provides a platform to collaborate on the different aspects of cybersecurity and apply knowledge to create efficient and ground-breaking solutions for organisations to address the need for a secure & compliant environment for business growth.” 

Added value

The reason why HCL Technologies is joining the eco-system is because they perceive the eco-system of HSD as a way to better cater to the EU region and as a way to stimulate the relationship between HCL and the municipality of The Hague. HCL also hopes to create further alignment with SMEs in their network via knowledge sessions and aims to collaborate and share experience with other HSD partners.


“HCL believes in engaging with its ecosystem partners, clients, academia community and local bodies such as NFIA, The Hague Business Agency, Amsterdam in Business and HSD to contribute towards increasing the potential and capabilities of the Dutch and European business” says Sudip Lahiri, Senior Vice President and Head, Financial Services Europe, HCL.



HCL observes various challenges in the security domain. With rapid cloud & digital adoption, the surface area of attacks has increased significantly allowing for more sophisticated & advanced attacks. Given the pace of transformation, and Industry 4.0 initiatives, the challenges to mitigating cybersecurity risks and managing IT costs has becomes crucial. Other challenge is the complexity of aligning Security Operations to stringent regulation mandates. Another challenge that HCL faces is the dynamic security landscape with growing dependence on third-party partners.

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