Interview HSD Partner Authasas about the Importance of Having a Network for Startups

08 Jul 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

Menno Stijl, CTO and co-founder of HSD partner Authasas, was recently interviewed by StartupDelta about his thoughts and experiences as a startup in the Netherlands.


In the interview he emphasises the importance of startup facilities: “I believe you need to have felt the pain of being an entrepreneur in order to be a good mentor. I’m a mentor myself and notice my added value comes after the launching phase, when startups hit a rockier patch. You need a network, and energy. I like the idea of putting up startups in governance companies. That’s where a true opportunity lies for startup boosters and mentors: building a bridge between the two. Enabling the launch product to mature into something you can place within a governance business.”


He also mentioned the value of cooperating with large and smaller businesses within HSD: “At HSD we have big companies as our sparring partner. The cluster of security businesses in The Hague are the top pick, it boasts an invaluable mixture of large and smaller businesses.”


Click here to read the full interview.


HSD and StartupDelta
With Neelie Kroes as Special Envoy, StartupDelta provides startups the path to create next generation global business. The Hague Security Delta was named as one of the 10+ leading innovation hubs currently located in the Netherlands. StartupDelta was founded by entrepreneurs and the Dutch government and aims to simplify the rules, share relevant expertise, and open doors to an unrivaled global network. By HSD being part of the StartupDelta network of innovation hubs, it has also become easer for startups within the HSD cluster to find crossovers to and cooperation with other sectors. This Dutch startup ecosystem is able to offer comprehensive information about startups, news, jobs, workspaces, events, meetups and funding.


StartupDelta also recently launched the portal at the HSD Campus.