Internet of Things Forensic Lab Started at HSD Campus

11 Oct 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

The University of Applied Sciences of Leiden has opened an Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics Laboratory. Recent developments, such as cyber hacks in the port of Rotterdam and the increasing use of smart devices, make this lab indispensable. In this IoT Forensic Lab - located on the campus of The Hague Security Delta (HSD) - specialists and students conduct research into digital evidence in and from IoT devices.


Smart devices (such as smartphones, computers, smart televisions) provide digital traces of our behavior and are increasingly becoming a source of information in criminal investigations. The computer is becoming an extension of ourselves and digital traces are increasingly important similar to classical forensic traces such as fingerprints and DNA. Digital traces left by suspects are increasingly being used as digital evidence.


Specialists from the NFI, Police, FIOD, Defense and businesses have advised in the design of the lab. Together with teachers in the lab they give practical lessons in implementing IoT forensics and are mentoring students. Through this collaboration, the University wants to renew its education and intensify cooperation with the working field.


The National Security Cluster HSD focuses on different areas of interest: from cyber security, urban security to forensics. This has led to a variety of companies, government organizations and knowledge institutions at the HSD Campus in The Hague, who share their knowledge and collaborate on innovative security solutions. This has provided a good basis for applying for subsidies for applied research projects.


Dr. Hans Henseler, professor Digital Forensics & E-Discovery
“This lab enables students – also during their internship – to gain experience with advanced digital forensic technologies commissioned by companies who themselves do not have the knowledge and advanced equipment needed for forensic research on IoT devices.”


Richard Franken, managing director HSD
“We are very pleased with the IoT Forensic Lab at the HSD Campus. It shows that collaboration between business, knowledge institutions and governments can lead to wonderful initiatives that address the lack of cyber talents. With the Cyber Security Academy and the IoT Forensic lab, the HSD Campus is a breeding ground for the talents of the future, where they are immediately in sight of their potential employers.”


Hogeschool Leiden
In the IoT Forensic Lab, teachers of the Forensic ICT specialization at Leiden University accompany the third and fourth year students who work during their internship with advanced digital forensic techniques. Second-year students also receive practical education in the lab. A connection between education, research and working field in optima forma.



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