International Cooperation Leads to Innovative Solutions for European Security Challenges

31 May 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

Criminals and terrorists become more and more inventive, increasingly make use of the internet and are not bound to country borders. These developments create international challenges for counterterrorism, border control and the prevention of cybercrime and fraud. International cooperation, knowledge sharing, research and the creation of innovative detection and security technologies are key to solve these challenges. To stimulate this international approach, the Security Research & Innovation Event was organised on June 1-2 in The Hague. The event was opened by Arie IJzerman (Deputy Director General Law Enforcement and Administration) on behalf of the Minister of Security and Justice and by Deputy Mayor of the City of The Hague Van Engelshoven. 700 Representatives of international businesses, governments and knowledge institutions visited the event. 


The event, which was organised by the national security cluster The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the European Commission and the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS), offered a conference, workshops, a matchmaking programme and an ‘Innovation Room’ where 30 innovative security solutions were demonstrated.


SRIE2016 Arie IJzerman opening Congres

Opening EC Conference by Arie IJzerman, Deputy Director General Law Enforcement and Administration


Deputy Mayor Van Engelshoven: “A new era requires a new approach on security. Cooperation, both nationally and internationally, is of great importance. This event did not just end with fine words, but contributed to new solutions. The Innovation Room provided government authorities, businesses and knowledge institutions with the possibility to demonstrate what they have to offer and to share knowledge with each other. An essential precondition to ensure our security for the near future.”


“Creating innovative security solutions that can be used in daily practice is only possible when demands of practitioners, like the police, are clear”, said Joris den Bruinen, Deputy Director of HSD. “That was also the reason for organising this event. In the lead-up to the event, ENLETS identified the security challenges, wants and demands of these practitioners, which made it possible to discuss concrete challenges and solutions during the event.” On top of that, the Security Research & Innovation Event matched the European Horizon2020 programme, which provides subsidies for research and innovative projects in the field of ‘secure societies’ and in which international cooperation takes a central place. “This means more economic opportunities for the Netherlands and the creation of new jobs.”


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