Innovalors' Technology ReadID Used in New International Remote Identity Verification

03 Mar 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

This week, a new remote identity verification solution based on NFC chip verification and face matching was approved by the Estonian Information System Authority. The solution from SK ID Solutions uses the ReadID NFC technology of HSD partner InnoValor. It is an example of how Dutch innovations enter international markets. 


The remote identity verification process was evaluated by certified auditors from TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT). This is a breakthrough for digital services for many industries, such as trust service providers, governments and financial institutions. It lowers costs for onboarding and reverification, creating the scalability needed for large scale adoption by users that want, think and act “mobile first”. 


The process has been rated at least equivalent to physical identification, acquiring the trust level ‘high’ according to eIDAS levels and is certified to the EN 319-401 standard. Conformance to eIDAS high also means that electronic identities are being created that are recognized throughout the European Union.


SK ID Solutions first introduced Smart-ID in 2017 and today it is being used by more than 2,6 million people. Smart-ID is available in all three Baltic states and can be used in more than 200 e-services.


Maarten Wegdam, CEO of InnoValor: “We are proud to have our mobile identity verification solution ReadID inside SK’s breakthrough Smart-ID solution. Using NFC we can remotely determine the authenticity of the identity document at the trust level that is needed for qualified signatures. In addition, the high-resolution face-image from the chip enables secure facial matching.”


ReadID is the NFC based mobile identity verification provider. ReadID originated from research at the Dutch fintech company InnoValor and is now a solution for mobile identity verification using NFC and smartphones that is adopted broadly across different sectors and application areas, where fraud prevention is key, such as banking, digital signing, law enforcement and government.


Read the official press release.

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