ICSS Booklet Launch at International Conference: Lessons Learned from Smart City Innovation in NL

07 Nov 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

From crowd management to street harassment and the rise of drones, cities across Europe are grappling with complex security issues. To address these issues, an international event, The Safe Smart City, was held on 6 November in Barcelona to promote a collaborative approach between key stakeholders.


The event was organised by the Future City Foundation in collaboration with the municipalities of The Hague and Amsterdam, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, the National Police, HSD (as a member of ICSS, the Impact Coalition Safety & Security (ICSS)) and our strategic partner Centre for Security and Digitalisation (CVD).


The meeting, which served as a prelude to the Smart City Expo World Congress, focused on the exchange of knowledge and practices between urban security experts from Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, Flanders and the Netherlands. 


HSD’s Innovation Liaison Mark Ruijsendaal opened and closed the meeting together with Susanne Brok of the Dutch police. Participants discussed a range of relevant topics including ethics and technology, crowd management, public disorder and the emerging field of drone detection.


Booklet launch

The event concluded with the launch of a booklet on lessons learned from smart city innovations in the Netherlands, which Mark presented to the Deputy Mayor of Breda, Carla Kranenborg-van Eerd. The publication outlines the 'lessons learned' from the Impact Coalition Safety & Security (in Dutch) and you can read it here.


ICSS Barcelona event


Source: Impact Coalitie Safety & Security (in Dutch) 

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