HSD Welcomes Eight New Partners During New Partner E-meeting

08 Jun 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

On Monday June 7th eight new partners were officially introduced to the HSD community during the New Partner E-meeting. Normally this meeting takes place as a “partner lunch” at the HSD Office, but because of Covid-19 restrictions this could unfortunately not be realised. General Director Joris den Bruinen and Partner Manager Rick welcomed our new partners to the HSD community. 


The E-meeting was attended by Comsec Consulting, HCL Technologies, Exset labs, MYCB1 Group B.V.LogsentinelChapter8, EYE and Triple P. Each of the partners gave a short pitch on their respective organisations and the added value that joining this security cluster brings them. 


Prabhat Kumar, Senior Director & Head UK, Europe & Africa Cyber Security Services, Solutions Sales & Customer Advocacy at HCL Technologies: “We are eager to share our global experience and knowledge with the HSD cluster, especially in terms of how different organisations are handling security and what their strategies are."


Pepijn Vissers, Co-founder of Chapter8: “We firmly believe in working in an ecosystem, where multiple parties join together and do what they do at the best of their abilities. The sum of the ecosystem is more than that of their individual parties.”

HSD is very much looking forward to a beneficial and fruitful cooperation with these new partners!

HSD Partners involved