HSD Partners Meet IT Security Community at Operation Cyberpaint

18 Apr 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

On Saturday 16 April ‘Operation Cyberpaint: Readteam vs. Blueteam’ took place in Zoetermeer. The Hague Security Delta endorsed the event and has provided founding and premium HSD partners the opportunity to attend the event in light of the HSD Access to Talent Programme.


Operation Cyberpaint

Operation Cyberpaint is an informal event for IT security professionals which brings the online world on basis of equality and anonymity together. The event aims to stimulate the dialogue between ethical hackers, anonymous, information security professionals, the government and businesses dealing with IT security. In the morning a panel discussion took place with a panel consisting of Godert-Jan van Manen, CTO at Northwave, Rita Verdonk, founder of CVMonitor, Astrid Oosenbrug, Member of Parliament and Pieter Cobelens, former head of the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service. A heated debate emerged on whether hackers make the Netherlands more vulnerable, IT security professionals should be screened and whether the Netherlands needs a minister for cyber. In the afternoon the discussion was settled by a red-blue teaming laser game competition.


Human Capital Agenda

The Hague Security Delta endorsed the event in light of its Access to Talent programme, which is part of the HSD Human Capital Agenda. The HSD Human Capital Agenda’s main objective is to improve the match in demand and supply in the IT security labour market. A better match on the labour market will enable The Netherlands to take a leading position in IT security, utilise the opportunities of digitalisation and strengthen the Dutch resilience to cyber threats. The aims of the Human Capital Agenda are to enlarge the pool of IT security talents, provide employers better access to this pool and improve the alignment of education with the labour market. HSD partners have indicated that there is a need for more offline contact between employers and the IT security community. HSD has endorsed Operation Cyberpaint as it provided HSD partners with the opportunity to get in touch with IT security talent which otherwise remains ‘below the radar’.


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