HSD Ambitions for 2024: Special Focus on Talent and Cyber Resilience 

07 Dec 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

On 7 December, at the HSD annual meeting, we unveiled our plans for 2024. Our annual plan sets out our ambitions for 2024 and how we will continue to shape the course we have set with the security community. The aim is to work with our partners to further empower our digitalising society and explore how new applications of technology and data can be used responsibly for security.


We will continue to facilitate access to knowledge, talent, capital, markets and innovation and executing our programmes in the field of: 


We do this with and for our partners, with attention for public values, privacy, ethics and security by design.


In addition, we will pay special attention to these programmes:


Click here for the HSD annual report.

Click here for the recap of the HSD annual meeting.


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