‘’Heartbeat key’’ Winner VIC2015

20 Oct 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

The Cardio Access Key from Science Technology Corporation has won the Safety Innovation Competition (VIC) 2015 with as theme ‘’Smart Access Control”. The Cardio Access Key functions with the person’s own heartbeat as unique feature and is aimed at providing quick and secure access to government buildings. The belt can be worn around the wrist, measure heartbeats and will work all day. Cutting or removing the belt makes it stop working. Following the jury, it is safe, simple and innovative, has a high consumer value and is wide applicable. The money price of €200,000 will be used by S&T Corporations to further develop their innovation.


The Security Innovation Competition is a way to find solutions for complex security issues. The competition is a cooperation between  the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Security and Justice, the National Police and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.


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