Guardian360 Receives First ECSO ‘Made in Europe’ Label Issued by HSD

22 Sep 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

Guardian360 is the first business in the Netherlands to receive the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) Made in Europe Label, issued by Security Delta (HSD). ECSO is a European non-profit organization and partner of the European Commission for the implementation of public-private partnerships in the field of cybersecurity. ECSO supports all kinds of initiatives and projects that aim to develop and promote European cybersecurity.


Guardian360 offers a variety of services to its customers, such as a vulnerability and network audit. Furthermore, they offer cyber risk insurance, phishing as a service and a network monitoring service. In short: security as a service. They were informed they would be receiving the Made in Europe label in August. EclecticIQ received also received the label a little while before HSD became an issuing partner of ECSO.


Security Delta (HSD) is an official issuing partner of ECSO’s ‘Cybersecurity Made in Europe’ label also on behalf of Cyberveilig Nederland. The Made in Europe label serves as a market differentiator based on geographic location. The label raises awareness of the strategic value of cybersecurity companies that have their origins in Europe, and that develop their business based on European values. The label increases the visibility of companies to potential business partners, end users, and investors in cybersecurity. The Made in Europe label also functions as a marker for parties who are European at their core and adhere to the corresponding values and qualities. A distinction that is of increasing importance in the developments of contemporary threats.


Guardian360 received the label because of the fact they are based in Europe and are owned by European partners. In addition, their primary market is the European continent. The business also adheres to the GDPR requirements for doing business in Europe and meets the requirements for ENISA.


To read more about the ECSO Made in Europe label, the requirements and how to apply, visit:

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