Fox-IT, Thales and Siemens about HSD

20 Aug 2012
Author: HSD Foundation

Menno van der Marel, cofounder and CEO of FOX-IT: ‘With HSD we are international pioneers. Important players (...) have joined forces to put this region on the map as one of the world’s leading security expertise centres. Alongside discussing and innovating, The Hague Security Delta puts the new technology into practice here and now.’


Gerben Edelijn, director of Thales Nederland: ‘Within the Hague Security Delta, cyber and physical safety are closely interrelated. Particularly if you consider the high concentration of critical infrastructures in this region: from the international bodies in The Hague through to the oil, gas and chemical industries in the port of Rotterdam.’

Max Remerie, Business Development Director of Siemens Nederland: ‘Siemens works towards the quality of life in urban areas, so security is crucial here. Whether this is physical security, cyber security or the security of critical infrastructures, it’s all interwoven. Searching for solutions together – that’s the strength of the Hague Security Delta.’

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