Felton Acquired by Dutch Corporate INTERSTELLAR

08 Sep 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

IT services provider Felton has joined Dutch corporate Interstellar in a recent acquisition. Felton was part of the Dutch Security TechFund, Europe’s number one investment fund focused on early-stage companies and scale ups active in Cybersecurity and IoT Security solutions.


Throughout its involvement with the Dutch Security TechFund, Felton’s expansion was facilitated through the merging of the company with IT Security provider Lantech, growing Felton into an impressive IT infrastructure that provides secure data access to businesses across the Netherlands.


Now ready for the next phase in their development, Felton and Interstellar combine their IT expertise. Felton aims to enhance its cloud and security presence as part of Interstellar, leveraging the group’s economies of scale. The acquisition also strengthens Interstellar’s mid-market share and expands its presence in Central Netherlands.


Interstellar CEO Maarten van Montfoort explains that together, Felton and interstellar ‘aim to serve customers as the Netherlands’ principal IT service provider.’ Felton CEO Marnix van der Moolen added: ‘Over the past few years, TIIN Capital has helped Felton become what it is today. Now, with INTERSTELLAR, we have a strategic shareholder. That facilitates our continued growth and enhances our security and cloud proposition.’


Dutch Security TechFund

The fund was established in 2018 by TIIN Capital in close collaboration with InnovationQuarter, KPN Ventures and HSD Office. The Fund was initially financed by a group of informal investors followed by investments of InnovationQuarter'Holdingfonds Economische Investeringen Den Haag' (HEID) and KPN Ventures


Did you know that DataExpert and Pinewood Delft are also subsidiaries of INTERSTELLAR?

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