Newspaper FD about Cyber Security and HSD

20 Apr 2013
Author: HSD Foundation

On April, 20th 2013, several articles about Cyber Security were published by het Financeele Dagblad (FD), following of the multiple Ddos attacks in The Netherlands. The FD related the articles HSD by interviewing deputy mayor Henk Kool and director HSD Rob the Wijk. They spoke about the need for and solutions to secure our vital infrastructure and mentioned cyber security as an economical magnet for the city of The Hague. The articles also referred to the lack of knowledge about Cyber Security. A perfect moment for former minister of Defence Van Middelkoop to mention the Cyber Security Academy in The Hague, which will open its doors in the autumn of 2013.


Read the interview with Henk Kool
Read the interview with Rob de Wijk: part 1 and part 2
Read the article ‘cyber crime threat underestimated’
Note: the articles are in Dutch.

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