Dutch IT Channel Announces Security Project & Day

17 Sep 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

The Dutch IT Security Project has started. In the next few months, this interesting project, organised by Dutch IT-channel and Executive-People, focuses on trends and solutions within cybersecurity that should protect the data of businesses and organisations. Furthermore, a Security Survey, in collaboration with Smart Profile, will be distributed among IT-experts about the use of business security applications in the Netherlands. The final event takes place in the form of the Dutch IT Security Day on the 1st of December at the Fokker Terminal The Hague, where HSD serves as an endorsing partner. 


Dutch IT Security Event (live event) 


This final event of the Dutch IT Security Day on December 1st in the Fokker Terminal The Hague contains an interesting program for end users and people working in the IT-industry. 

Of course, this event is organized according to the COVID-19 guidelines and the organisation decided to organise this program twice, in the morning and afternoon.  This to ensure that as many people can attain this final event. Furthermore, the latest trends and solutions regarding security will be exposed at the breakout-sessions and the information market. The so-called ‘’Meet and Greet’’ room assures that there is enough capacity and space for the visitors to network with each other in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines. The free registration for this event will open soon. 


Security survey 


Market intelligence consultancy Smart Profile will present the results of the Dutch IT Security Survey on the 1stof December in the Fokker Terminal. This research outlines the use of; the adoption of cybersecurity applications for IT-deciders and the demand of the IT-industry in the Netherlands. This research is conducted by Smart Profile in cooperation with Dutch IT-channel and Executive-People.


Become a Partner  


Participating in this event is highly interesting for IT-suppliers, distributers, datacentres and service providers that want to offer and sell their security demand to IT-deciders and IT-service providers, for example, resellers, MSP’s and system integrators. In the run to the congress, interviews with sponsors that will be conducted during the Dutch IT Security Project will be online published and will be incorporated in the December 2020 edition of the Dutch IT-channel magazine. 


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