Collaboration Schiphol and aXite Leads to Innovation to Secure Baggage Handling System

30 Aug 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

In mid-2018, Ron Wever, Technical Operations Manager at Schiphol Airport, realised that the security of Low Level Control Systems could be improved, such as the PLCs of the baggage handling system. He looked for ways to fix that, but found nothing. It marked the start of a successful innovation project of 5 years with HSD partner aXite Security Tools, resulting in the AX-BOX Gatekeeper. 

Managing an airport baggage handling system is a challenging and complex operation. Airports invest heavily in the operating software of their handling system. The change management and security of that software is vital to ensure the operation of the system. Unauthorized access, programming errors and uploading untested software are risks that you want to avoid, explains Wever.


Want to know more? Read the interview (in Dutch) by NVDO with met Ron Wever (Schiphol) en Menno Cadee (aXite Security Tools).


Source photo: Schiphol

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