Call: Market Consultation Development Security Information Exchange Against Undermining

30 Sep 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

How does the Municipality of Delft improve the municipal information position in tackling organized crime? The Municipality of Delft calls market parties  that has ideas about the use of large amounts of diverse and privacy-sensitive data to join the market consultation on the development of a Security Information Exchange against undermining. Who can support the municipality of Delft in an Agile / Scrum manner in process development and software development? Or who has the idea of ​​giving the municipality of Delft (and other municipalities) that improved information position?


With input from other municipalities, the VNG, Police and RIEC recently worked on possible answers to this question. With open questions, a solution direction is tested against the market and the market is challenged to come up with new and innovative ideas 


Are you employed by a municipality and interested in this consultation or do you have ideas of your own? Contact Information Manager Hester Torn at the Municipality of Delft.

HSD Partners involved