12 Million Euro Injection for HSD Partner ZIVVER

17 Oct 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

On Tuesday 16 October 2018, Dutch start-up ZIVVER announced that, they again received a significant investment since the start of their company in 2015. This time, three venture capitalists will invest up to 12 million euro for the expansion of ZIVVER.


For the expansion ZIVVER approached the British Dawn Capital. Under the regime of this investor also co participants DN Capital and henQ Capital Partners take part. In exchange for this capital injection the three investors will receive together an equity interest between 15% and 25%.

Dutch venture capital investor henQ Capital was already shareholder of the start-up. ZIVVER received in April 2017 a 3 million euros investment, of which 2 million came from henQ Capital and the rest was injected by a group of informal investors. With this, ZIVVER raised a total of $15.2M in funding over two rounds.


ZIVVER’s software allows organisations and private individuals to email, chat and share (very large) files in a secure environment. The software helps people become aware of the risks related to sensitive information and helps prevent data leaks. ZIVVER provides its users with active support by giving targeted warnings and employing simple security measures. Customers are mostly found in Healthcare. Nearly 20% of the hospitals in the Netherlands use the ZIVVER platform. Also 20% of the local authorities are amongst the clientele.

As Premium partner of the Dutch Security Cluster HSD, ZIVVER shares the idea of being on top of the innovations for Security. In this way ZIVVER also won the pitch competition during the ‘Access to Capital’ event in 2016, which put ZIVVER in the frontline to connect with many potential investors in the (cyber) security market.


With the injection of 12 million euros ZIVVER wants to broaden their sales area in the Netherlands towards the legal and business services. Also plans to go abroad are in the making. Therefore, offices will be opened in Belgium and Germany. Besides, the ZIVVER team is expected to grow from the current 65 to over 100 employees in the upcoming months, with offices in different countries.


Read the official press release