IT Verband Zuid-Holland Receives €7.1 Million Grant to Reduce Shortage of IT (Security) Talent in SMEs

16 Jun 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

The IT Verband Zuid-Holland partnership will use the grant to implement a €17 million programme over the next four years. The partners WE-IT (principal and programme management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences), IT Campus Rotterdam, Security Delta (HSD) and The Dutch Innovation Factory, will work on a range of initiatives, including education and training programmes, research and development projects and cooperation between SMEs and educational institutions. The "Katapult" grant of €7.1 million comes from the National Growth Fund.


According to Minister Adriaansens more professionals are urgently needed for the transition to a sustainable and digital economy. Therefore, better use must be made of the knowledge and innovative solutions from vocational education and thus further improve the connection between vocational education and the labor market.


Government contribution

The Cabinet is allocating 123 million euros to take existing partnerships a step further. The contribution comes from the National Growth Fund and is part of the Green and Digital Jobs Action Plan. With this, the Cabinet wants to address the personnel shortage in technology and ICT so that the Netherlands can continue to fully commit to the energy and digital transition.


The partnerships connect vocational education and business: It is important that we educate young people in such a way that they have the right skills for the regional labor market. In addition, the employees of the regional business community must be permanently employable through retraining and further training. We also stimulate the innovative power of SMEs. IT Verband Zuid-Holland is 1 of the 15 initiatives supported by this grant.


Remco Engels, programme manager WE-IT: "With this subsidy we will make more impact with our efforts in the field of talent. A lot is already happening, but by joining forces we can deploy more broadly with successful programs. A better connection is needed so that people can continue to develop throughout life, innovations in business are stimulated and the productivity level of SMEs goes up."


Mark Ruijsendaal, Talent programme manager at HSD: "The network of security companies has a great need for IT competencies. In addition, poor cybersecurity within SMEs is a threat to everyone. Finally, there are many partners who can contribute in the development of cybersecurity talent. This leads to more trained people in the region, more secure IT development and a boost to the network. It gives execution power to the new Human Capital Agenda Digital Security 2023 - 2026 that will be launched on June 29."


The application to the 'We are Katapult' via RVO call is part of the Province of South Holland, Economic Board South Holland, and Metropoolregion Rotterdam-The Hague's efforts to encourage innovation and economic growth in the region.


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