Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland Launched

05 Apr 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

The Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland has been officially launched. The launch took place during Zie 2024 today, the central meeting place for the technology industry in South Holland. The Cyber Resilience Centre aims to support companies within this sector in ensuring their digital security. As of today, various companies, including manufacturing, trade and supply chain, can now join the Cyber Resilience Centre. Participants will receive practical guidance and advice to increase their digital security in both IT and OT.


During the festive programme on the main stage of ZIE 2024 at the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam, several speakers took the audience through the origins and purpose of the initiative.


Safety of the chain is key

Due to increasing digitalisation and the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), more and more entrepreneurs within the manufacturing industry are facing cyber incidents. In particular due to the strong dependence on IT and OT systems, which are needed to control and read machines. When these systems fail or experience problems on a large scale, the consequences for manufacturing companies and related supply chain partners can be significant. In addition, the safety of the chain is crucial, as logistics processes are often interconnected: Lean delivery, Just-In-Time (JIT) are just a few examples. Should IT/OT failures disrupt these processes, negative consequences will extend throughout the chain. Due to this complex chain dependency (supply, (semi)manufacturing and final product, furthermore all the logistic processes around this), the entire sector suffers when chain partners cannot deliver due to a cyber incident. The chain is as strong as its weakest link.


"Increasing digital security therefore requires a chain approach. With the Cyber Resilience Centre, we want companies to work together on solutions and help them with concrete tools and advice to defend themselves against cyber criminals." - Pieter Schneider, programme manager Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland


Meindert Stolk, deputy for the province of South Holland then emphasised the significance of the Centre for the manufacturing industry in South Holland.

"Cyber security starts with yourself, but together you get further. That is what makes the approach of this Cyber Resilience Centre unique. With both IT and OT challenges and supply chain dependencies, vulnerabilities lurk. A cyber attack can have a major impact on business operations, the economy and society. That is why the province of South Holland is committed to this sectoral approach together with Hi Delta, Security Delta (HSD) and many cooperation partners. Thus, we work together on cyber awareness, exchanging experiences & lessons learned and offering practical help to companies. With the aim of a strong and secure digital economy."


Start Cyber Resilience Centre

Following this, the Cyber Resilience Centre was festively opened with a joint bang on the red button with all coalition partners as the starting signal. With the official opening of the Cyber Resilience Centre, it is now possible to join as a participant and use the various services offered by the Centre. For instance, participants are supported with practical guidance and advice, get direct access to cyber security experts, receive up-to-date and relevant (threat) information, and can increase their knowledge of digital security by attending knowledge-sharing and networking meetings. In doing so, they contribute to increasing the digital security of their organisation and the sector.


Martin van Gogh, director at Hi Delta - 

"Very nice to see that we have a solid cooperation with all partners involved. Within the foreseeable future, we established this Cyber Resilience Centre. We could never have made it this far without each other, together you stand strong. And the same goes for the companies within the sector. Only by working together do we stand strong in the face of cybercrime."


About Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland

The Cyber Resilience Centre aims to support companies in the manufacturing industry and was established by Boers & Co, Hittech, Batenburg Techniek, Lely, Koninklijke Metaalunie, FME, InnovationQuarter, Hi Delta and Security Delta. Aware of the risks facing the chain, they are taking the lead to actively engage in the Cyber Resilience Centre for the South Holland manufacturing industry to increase digital resilience in the region.


The Centre actively seeks cooperation and connection. Therefore, it works closely with Cyber Resilience Centres Brainport, FERM & Greenport, the Centre for Safety & Digitalisation (CVD), The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Cyber Resilience Netherlands (Cyber Resilience Netherlands Programme) and Cyber Network Drechtsteden, DigitalZH, Province of Zuid-Holland, Economic Board Zuid-Holland, MRDH, Digital Trust Centre and RVO. By connecting and exchanging expertise and knowledge, fragmentation is countered and impact is increased.


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