Announcement Contributing Partners International Cyber Security Summer School 2022

22 Jun 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

The 2022 International Cyber Security Summer School promises to be an exciting week for Master/PhD students and young professionals looking to deepen their insight into cybersecurity. From Sunday 21 August to Friday 26 August we will be diving into the world of cybersecurity from various angles. We are excited to confirm a long list of contributing partners working in all disciplines of the cybersecurity field. Combined, they will form a truly unique programme that covers the policy, legal, and technical aspects of cybersecurity.


Confirmed partners and topics

While HSD is the main organiser of the ICSSS, the Summer School is truly made by the contributing partners. This year, we are excited to announce new contributors, as well as those that have been with us since the first summer school in 2015.


Our contributing partners and their contributions this year are:

  • NATO Communications & Information Agency – Challenge, lecture, visit
  • Europol EC3 – Lecture, visit
  • Universiteit Leiden – Challenge, lecture
  • Accenture Security – Challenge, lecture, visit, HR Event
  • Deloitte – Challenge, lecture, visit, HR Event
  • Chapter8 – Lecture, HR Event
  • Connect2trust – Lecture, HR Event, host of the CyberSQUAD Event
  • De Nederlandsche Bank – Challenge, lecture, visit, HR Event
  • SecuredNow – Challenge, lecture, HR Event
  • Booz Allen Hamilton – Challenge, HR Event
  • SignPost Six – Lecture
  • EclecticIQ – Lecture, HR Event
  • Secura – Lecture, HR Event
  • Cybersprint – Lecture, HR Event
  • KPN Security – HR Event
  • CFLW Cyber Strategies – HR Event

If you would like to stay up to date on the Summer School and how the week progresses, make sure to follow the ICSSS on LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.


A multidisciplinary programme

Like every year, the 2022 Summer School will have a good balance between interesting lectures, visits to the contributing partners, working on the challenging assignments, and fun social and networking events.


Cyber security issues will be explored from public, private, technical, and policy perspectives to create a broad and engaging program. This allows students to not only develop their knowledge of the topics they are already familiar with, but also be introduced to contemporary cyber security topics that they do not yet have any knowledge on, thus widening their professional skillset. Topics covered during the program will include but are not limited to, artificial intelligence, cybercrime, threat intelligence, and cyber risk management. Lectures and challenges will be given by prominent organisations in the cybersecurity industry.



Does the Summer School sound interesting to you? Would you like to know more about participating or becoming a contributing partner next year? Visit our website!

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