Seminar Risk Management from an IT Security perspective

26 June 2013
TNO Offices Delft (NL)
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This seminar on security risk management intended to inform risk managers, information security professionals and practitioners, information management, security management and corporate security officers about the latest strategies an approaches in security risk management. Today a lot of attention from the security industry is being put on security risks, typically coming from the outside, the environment. But most of the day to day operational challenges and issues will be coming from the direct partners, or within the perimeter of the organization itself. Some of those have to do with regulatory and compliances issues, but the focus of this seminar is to investigate risk management in this case is to be also considered from the obligations to (internal) customers and expectations from (internal) suppliers. Objective is to adapt those engagements and obligations towards expectations and to manage potential inhibiting factors or mediating challenges. Admission is free, but registration is necessary.