Risk Management Summer Course TU Delft

08 July 2019 - 19 July 2019
Delft University of Technology, Delft
Organised by:
Delft University of Technology

Super practical multi-faculty 2-week program at the start of summer 2019


Learn from corporate and academic (incl international) guest speakers, how to protect an organisation against flood, cyber, supply chain, aviation, chemical and other risks, and achieve better Business Continuity.

This annual Summer Course is always refreshed with the latest best practice and case studies. It’s the perfect way to familiarise yourself with real-life business risks, and how to implement controls to reduce their impact and likelihood.

Week 1 of this special program features the popular world standard on Risk Management (ISO 31000) and Business Continuity (ISO 22301) including a disaster drill exercise that enhances participants’ scenario planning skills.

Week 2 covers Information Security Management (ISO 27001) and Supply Chain Security (ISO 28000) including cyber crime case studies and a data breach simulation game.

The ISO exams are governed by the world wide established Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), providing you with the latest international credentials after passing the exam and getting global certification.

* To earn the full 3 ECT points, full 2-week attendance and a case study postprogram are required.



You can register via DSys, Astrid Pinzger.


For more information, visit the website.

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