HSD Café: 'InfoSec: Securing the Keys to the Kingdom’

06 October 2016
16:00h - 17:45h
HSD Campus
Organised by:

The Hague Security Delta would like to invite you to the upcoming HSD Café on Privileged Account Security.

The digitisation of our society has revolutionized the way we use information. Information is not just available through the internet, but also through mobile devices, providing access to employer’s data. We are becoming more and more aware of the risks involved in this process of ongoing digitisation. Information leaks occur through unsecured web presence and physical loss of devices. Yet the main trend seems to be the growth of traditional hacks. During this HSD Café, we will discuss the role of privileged accounts in maintaining information security. What does it encompass? Why is it needed? And what does it imply for an organisation such as the Ministry of Defense? We have invited various experts from different branches of the triple helix to share their knowledge and expertise on this subject.


The HSD Café is set up as follows:

From 15:30h until 16:00h, the registration-procedure will take place, in which visitors will receive their name badge. Please make sure you arrive on time, as we would like to start at 16:00h.

From 16:00h until 16:30h, the following experts will share their insights on the matter through brief presentations:

At 16:30h, the brief presentations will be followed by a discussion, in which the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their views.

From 17:00h onwards, the bar is open for drinks and there will be ample opportunity to network.


About the HSD Café

15:30-16:00 Check-in

16.00-17.00 Presentation + Discussion 17.00-17.45 Drinks and networking The HSD Cafés are organized for HSD partners on every first and third Thursday of each month (except on public holidays). From cyber to critical infrastructure, 20 sessions will be organized around security topics relevant for companies, the government, and knowledge organizations. In the first hour (16.00-17.00) of each HSD Café, an expert will briefly present a security topic, dilemma, or innovation, followed by an informal discussion. The second part of the HSD Café (17.00-17.45) will consist of drinks and a possibility to network.  The HSD Cafés provide an excellent opportunity to meet (potential) business partners, bring along your contacts, expand your knowledge, and shape the debate on key security issues of the future. Tell us what you think. Let your voice count, expand your network, and join the debate.

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