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The Johan Cruijff ArenA is busy preparing for UEFA EURO 2020. To ensure a safe situation during the tournament, various additional safety measures are taken, such as an extra safety ring. Since the ArenA area is densely built, the City of Amsterdam, the ArenA and the police are working to minimise the impact on local residents and the people who work there. The Living Lab is therefore developing smart innovations that contribute to the liveability of the city, before and after UEFA EURO 2020.

The ambition of the Johan Cruijff Arena is to demonstrate during the European Championship how smart systems can contribute to accessibility and safety during EURO 2020. The aim is to increase safety and offer better service and experience so visitors can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.


In the Living Lab, the Johan Cruijff ArenA is working with the police, the municipality of Amsterdam and TNO on smart innovations in five areas: 5G, location, smart facilities, facial comparison and unwanted objects. In these areas, smart systems need to show that they add value for the visitor.

Various innovations are being developed and tested in the five areas mentioned. These include:

  • body-cam images using 5G provide a safer working environment and better information to, for instance, the emergency services;
  • proactively managing all traffic flows around the ArenA in an operational mobility centre, exchanging data within a public-private partnership;
  • location determination that provides insight into the location of the personnel.

For large events, the ArenA wants to set up a sample case that meets all privacy requirements. The innovations will be tested based on this case. In addition, they will be developed as scalable and changeable as possible so they can also be used at other events and at other locations.


The Living Lab of the Johan Cruijff ArenA offers the possibility to experiment and innovate in real time on product and process level, in and around the stadium. Many thousands of visitors, a densely built-up environment, large traffic and passenger flows and peak traffic density provide the necessary security challenges. The aim is to improve the visitor experience and to organise safety in the most appropriate way in 2020.


Companies are invited to participate in the living lab if they add values to one of the five innovation areas or in other areas of the ‘security operation’. Companies are given the opportunity to develop and test their products, provided that the ideas and systems actually add value. The living lab is a public-private partnership that will continue for years after the European Championships.


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Johan Cruijff ArenA
Willem Hegen
Manager Crowd Services
T. +31 20 311 13 12
E.  W.Hegen@johancruijffarena.nl

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