Zurich Launches Scan to Make Business Customers More Digitally Resilient

02 Apr 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Insurer Zurich has recently launched an online tool to help new business customers in the SME segment to increase their digital resilience. The Cyber Risico Scan, developed and carried out by HSD partner ThreadStone Cyber Security, provides immediate insight into the vulnerabilities of the website and the publicly accessible part of the corporate network.


The Cyber Risico Scan is quick and simple. After registration and verification, a scan is performed for vulnerabilities through the company's website. Within 24 hours of starting the scan, a report in understandable language and with sufficient technical depth follows that makes clear where potential vulnerabilities lie and how they can be mitigated. If an entrepreneur follows the recommendations, this is an important step in keeping the front door shut for Internet criminals.


Better Armed

Zurich believes it is important to make entrepreneurs more aware of the growing threat of cybercrime. We believe that with the Cyber Risico Scan, we are giving our policyholders something that will enable SMEs to better arm themselves against cybercrime," says Tjerk de Wilde, Senior Underwriter at Zurich. “Until recently, it was mainly major incidents at large companies that made the press. Like the hack that affected part of the Rotterdam port. But we increasingly see that SMEs are also targets of cyber attacks. Hackers are looking for a vulnerability in the network and makes no distinction between large or small companies, as long as there is an entry point. Until recently, cyber insurance was mainly taken out by large companies. Fortunately, we see that SMEs are slowly beginning to recognise the added value of cyber insurance. As an entrepreneur, you don't want your data to be taken hostage or to be unable to work because your company network has been shut down.”


Threat and impact for SMEs just as great

“Criminals can sometimes easily penetrate through a website or the publicly accessible part of the company network,” according to ThreadStone's general manager René van Etten. “This is how they get hold of sensitive information, such as employee or customer details. But they can also install ransomware, which ultimately brings the victim's organisation to a complete standstill and demands a ransom.


At the same time, the conviction that there is no risk of being attacked by cybercriminals is very strong within SMEs. Plus: 43% of entrepreneurs do not know what to do in case of a cyberattack. ThreadStone Cyber Security believes it is important to make SMBs more digitally resilient, as the threat and impact is just as great as in the large corporate market, but the budgets are much lower. The accessible Cyber Risico Scan gives a good insight in a few minutes to immediately increase the digital security of the website and the company network.


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