Zivver Becomes New HSD Premium Partner

18 Jul 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

ZIVVER, a company that prevents dataleaks by securing email, chats and file transfers recently joined HSD as a premium partner. ZIVVER aims at removing any concerns about sharing sensitive information within organisations or externally. According to founder Rick Goud now more than ever it has become extremely important to stay in touch with the developments of the sector. For him this is the main reason for joining HSD. "We would like to find the right kind of partners, network and we are also curious about expanding internationally. I think HSD is a good place to gain knowledge and exchange experiences." ZIVVER concentrates on preventing dataleaks in digital communications in a safe and user friendly way, is constantly upgrading their services and curious about expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. "We would like our system to learn how to recognise situations, behaviour and content with high risks for data leaks. The warning system needs to develop to reach very high sensitivity and specificity”


Why is it that now more than ever dataleaks are so important?

Goud: "Since January 1 of this year it is required by law that organisations report those leaks (meldplicht datalekken). Failing to take preventive and corrective measures and failure to report a leak can result in fines of up to 820.000 euro. All organisations share enormous amounts of information, general and sensitive. Easy interaction while working with information enables productivity, but usually limits security. The most common cause of data leaks is not hacking but human error. Organisations need solutions that fit in with the existing workflows while protecting against data leaks in communications resulting from external attacks and from errors of their own employees. Information is easily accessed, it is now so easy to share certain kinds of highly sensitive information, like patient information, that we have to start thinking about solutions. In 30% of these cases leaks are the result of a user mistakes. Organisations can prevent this by using ZIVVER. What makes ZIVVER unique is it’s trifold protection: before, during and after sharing sensitive information. ZIVVER calls this ‘Triple Safe Technology’. A recent independent study ranked ZIVVER number 1 in their research on four different mailing services that provide protection against data leaks. The services were analysed on four pillars: technical security, prevention of data leaks, implementation and costs versus usability."