World Startup Factory Kicks off With 10 Promising Startups at HSD Campus

18 Jan 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

On Monday 11 January, ten national and international start-ups took off with the Connectivity Accelerator programme at the location of World Startup Factory on the HSD Campus. Over the next three months, they will follow an intensive programme that puts the spotlight on the personal development of entrepreneurs and the accelerated growth of their businesses. One of the main focus areas of this programme is security. The Connectivity Accelerator programme is a joint initiative of large businesses, experienced entrepreneurs and investors, among others HSD partners KPN, ABN AMRO, InnovationQuarter, BarentsKrans and the Municipality of The Hague. In the next five years, more than 50 start-up teams are anticipated to go through the Connectivity Accelerator by World Startup Factory programme.

The ten participants are:
Beep Beep Parking [Netherlands]
Connective Floors [Netherlands]
Motorcycle Tourer [Netherlands]
Sentralia Labs ( [Romania]
Woody’s Housing () [Netherlands]
XGear Ltd [Pakistan]
Ingenious Technologies [Turkey]
M Technologies [Bulgaria]
Blupath Ltd  [Cyprus]
Iugo Connected vehicles  [Turkey]

The teams are backed by a select group of experienced mentors and the expertise of a large group of partners. On 30 March, the entrepreneurs will present their products and services to the launching customer community of World Startup Factory. After which, in less than a month, on 22 April make a case of their achievements, plans and ambitions to reputable investors from both The Netherlands and abroad.

Mathijs Koper (co­founder) and Joris Martens (programme manager) are responsible for the design and implementation of the programmes of World Startup Factory. “World Startup Factory gives the startups a flying start and sees great potential for them to grow rapidly from there on. Besides a large group of expert mentors, each of our start-ups will have the privilege of a journey mentor, whose role is to provide personalised advice and nurture the company towards success. Unlike most Accelerator programmes out there, we have investors on­board as mentors. Which means the start-ups have a number of opportunities to interact and make an impression for follow­on investments. All of our partners are excited about the start-up ecosystem in The Hague. We collaborated with them because there was a match, a common vision about what lies ahead for the cohort entrepreneurs and their start-ups. Creating Shared Value for all the parties involved is the foremost goal of the program. We can’t wait to get started,” said Koper and Martens.

The start of this programme at the HSD Campus strengthens HSD position as one of the 10+ innovation hubs for start-ups in the Netherlands.

Find more information about the Accelerator programme, partners and capital opportunities on the World Startup Factory website.

Source: ImpactCity


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