World Forum Introduces ‘Real Time Emergency Room on Tablet’

20 Aug 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

HSD Network Partner World Forum in The Hague, a convention centre operated by GL Events, recently introduced a new service. They have made it possible for their clients to use Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) images during their congress or event, a strong innovation within this sector. Their clients’ security experts can now make use of a mobile table device with live CCTV images, creating a mobile emergency room. By being able to walk around the premises with this device, this digital system brings much more flexibility than a physical emergency room.


Marijke Bouwman, Safety and Security Manager World Forum: “As a congress location we are specialised in safety and security. Introducing a live stream of our CCTV system on a device is very innovative for this sector”. For more information about this device click here (in Dutch).


Marijke Bouwman is also a jury member for the Multimedia Competition Secure Your Future, organised by HSD, KIVI, and De Ingenieur. The competition specifically focuses on ideas for innovative multimedia applications that can improve urban security, including security at events. Participants, ranging from students to entrepreneurs, are asked to invent or develop an app, game, website, video, presentation or other multimedia application. More information about Secure Your Future.


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