Winners 'Veiligheidsatelier 2016' Announced

03 Jan 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

On 14 December But Klaasen (Ministry of Security & Justice) announced the three winning proposals of DITSS ‘Veiligheidsatelier 2016’. The winners are:

  • A smart street light which serves as a siren next to NL-Alert, even if the city is under water and the power is down. The innovation will convert the regular light into red light and produce the sound of a sirene.
    Consortium: Munisense, Tele-Event and the city of Eindhoven
  • The use of a sound camara to localise hemp farms. Ambient noise and regular street sounds can be filtered, making the ventilation sounds of the hemp farm visible on a heat map.
    Consortium: Sorama and InterGison
  • A new approach to health care fraud, based on building profiles to make the various risks on fraud transparent.
    Consortium: 'Wel zorgen, geen fraude’

More information (in Dutch).

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